You have the courage to step into the unknown.


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Die + Reborn + Anew + Alive

Die + Reborn + Anew + Alive

In this universe of polaritieslife needs deathlove transforms feardark shines from lightlight hides in the darknessmasculine brings out the femininefeminine pulls out the masculine

+ Death +

Death has been a constant presence in my life. Both my grandparents passed away either before I was born or when I was very young. My first encounter with the dying process was at nine years old when I visited my grandfather in the hospital. At ten, I faced the suicide of my uncle. As a teenager, I experienced the grief of losing my cat and making the painful decision to end its suffering.

As a teenager, I watched dozens of Faces of Death videos, confronting the harsh realities of mortality.

In 2020, I felt both the blessing and extreme powerlessness as I supported my father and mother through my father's battle with cancer. In 2021 my depression, I came close to the brink of life and death, looked death in the eye, and chose to return to life.

As the current last step in my journey towards certain death, in 2024, I've experienced an ego death. For me, this experience was as beautiful and profound as it gets.

Born & reborn like waves

born & reborn like waves
these polar opposites can only exists together, so go deep
immerse, feel and understand
that life is death
death is life
love is fear
fear is love

The one who knows how to die knows how to live flawlessly