This is a concept I’ve read in the book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

He mentions a very interesting concept of how we often misunderstand time so there’s an old way to look at the time it’s the Newtonian time where we think of time as an external factor. It’s just flowing we have no control work so we might feel like a victim of time either we have too much time then we get bored or we have too little time when we get overwhelmed.
He mentions the new way to look at the time which is Einsteinian time and that’s looking at time in a way that it’s within us.

We are in control, we create time!

This a whole different story so we can deeply influence how we spend our time.

Let me give you an actual practical example. Yesterday someone called me from my insurance and they mentioned that I don’t have a specific type of insurance and I have to have a meeting with them.
I asked: “I have to?”
He mentioned, “no, actually, it’s up to me if I wanted to meet him or not.”
I kindly said, “Okay, no thank you, I don’t need this insurance at the moment, maybe in the future.” 

Just by saying that no to this meeting I saved about two hours of my time.

That’s how I create more time in my life and that’s how you can create more time in your life.

That’s my small tip for today.

If you say you’re in control of time then every time there’s a decision every moment.
You can choose to do some things or not do some things.

The action of the day

  • Be in control of your time
  • Just say no to a couple of things and think: okay, I have enough time
  • Repeat this daily and learn to believe it: I can do what I want to do in my time