✅ This book had the biggest impact on my life until now:
Getting Things Done by David Allen

Today, I’m sharing the most important lessons after using the Getting Things Done method for two years.

Lessons from the book:
1 It inspires to define your vision
The book explains horizons to help you to define your life purpose as well your vision / plan for the next 3-5 years, 1-2 years, few months, now.
Having a clear vision helps you to really focus your efforts and only work on those things that are important for your long-term vision and ignore or do less of those other things

2 Develop your own Getting Things Done System
The book tells you why it is important to create a GTD (Getting Things Done or productivity, efficiency) system.
This helps you in two things:
Get things out of your mind, so you don’t need to remember many things
To organize your everyday activities

Developing and using a system like this every day will save you countless hours of efforts. You will no longer be looking for data. documents as you will exactly know where to find them.
You’ll know what is the next thing to work on – any given day.

3 Create weekly or monthly reviews
Helps you to keep the track
Self-reflect to see if the track still makes sense or if you need to change or update it

What is not explained in the book, however, I’ve gained a lot of experience and learned a lot:
What happens if you can’t follow your plan: weekly reviews help to keep you on track
What happens if you face obstacles: slow down, take a step back, accept the situation, go ahead: The smallest step is still progress – Ronald L. Banks
Sharing your challenges, hardships, successes, and other stories with your closes friends, relatives will help you and inspire you a lot.
If you focus on others, your problems will have a smaller effect on you and on your life