After three months of work, I’m proud to announce that I published my first book on Amazon. My book is a self-development book which aims to motivate you to rediscover your inner self.

I’m glad that I’m finished with the book. It was a long, and though period, however, my feelings now are amazing. After years I still remember one question which Brent asked from someone else: “What did you achieve in your life to help other people?”. Brent is my life coach now and finally; I can answer this question myself: I wrote a book to help other people. I hope to motivate them to change. If I manage to improve just one life, I’m already happy. If I manage to improve hundreds of lives, I’m even more grateful.

“It’s like an espresso shot.” – Daniela

Do you feel exhausted, stuck in your life or career? Do you feel every day is the same without any meaning?

Let me help you to rethink some aspects of your life and guide you to connect with your inner self again. The topics in the book start with defining your goals leading you through different parts of your life like discipline, meditation, communication, nutrition, and exercises. I recommend that you change some of these factors, however, don’t worry, you don’t have to turn your whole life upside down. Climbing mount Everest starts with a small step. So start with one.

You can read the book on your Kindle or with the Kindle Cloud Reader or on your PC / Mac / Android / iOS device by downloading the appropriate application.
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