Success stories of our tribe members


I've stopped smoking and started to eat a lot healthier since we started to work with Andras, thank you very much. I like your good energy and talent and the fact that you are not getting influenced by my mood or negative energy. This makes me feel okay even in difficult situations. I believe I can spend my time more wisely and be mindful of the situations. Some of our talks opened my mind, I got some new ideas. The tools you shared helped me not to lose my goals and they make me more productive.


IT Manager

I almost changed my whole life in the past ten weeks, and it’s far not the end but the whole new beginning.

I realized I was able to do a lot more than I was able to imagine. This coaching really helped me to understand more what I needed in my daily life in order to reduce the stress and the feeling to be overwhelmed.

Dr. Kiran Zimmermann

Certified Coach



I go for a run, now it’s the hundred and second day consecutive which to be honest I didn’t think I would be able to do when I started this.

I did the workshop with Chantal and András and got immediate results in terms of better understanding my own blind spots. They guided me through the whole process and it helped me to find solutions and answers on the spot.I highly recommend their workshop and will definitely come back in the future for another session.


Engineer / Founder


IT Engineer

I’ve learned how to set up goals and how to reach those goals and also how to make plans for every day that you don’t lose your time...I’ve learned how to be positive in everyday’s life and how to see the negative things, how to escape them.

I can truly recommend you to work with András, to get this guidance and he was really supporting me how to reach my vision, my goals, my business.


Business owner


I loved it. I learned a lot of good techniques, how to handle the stress, how to be more positive, how to think productive.

Thank you very much, today was great as always. I got a promotion in the three months we worked together. I'll think about all the topics we talked about. I feel like the puzzles are coming together more and more. The small steps lead to big goals. I'm more and more conscious of things and patterns. You are positive in all aspects, and I would be happy to spend more time on coaching and myself. You have good empathy and you help others to see the positive things in any situation.


Payroll Specialist


I found the topic of fear of success or being happy very interesting. I find it positive that you are always well prepared and positively look at things. I.e. being positive about not canceling the call, simply postponing it a bit. I appreciated seeing a different viewpoint of the situation as then I could see if I can stand up for myself. This helps to understand each situation better. I feel my relationships improved during our coaching sessions. Thanks!

Some of these things I've read in a psychology book, however, I didn't apply them. I liked that we talked about repeating patterns, letting go of things, and forgiving ourselves. It was good to discuss how I was before and now, as this gives a different perspective on my work and myself. I've realized that I can always say no, change my mind, or simply be flexible. I liked the emotional scale tool and how I moved up a lot during these past few months. I've realized that the identity that I had did not match my professional experience. It was important to know what's the best time to negotiate a salary, before starting my new job. I've realized I could learn new skills very quickly and then my initial salary request could have been way too low. Thank you!


Graphic Designer


I've realized a few things related to finance, relationships in these sessions again and again. You've opened my eyes to see the events of the present and past better. I've learned a lot during the coaching sessions. Some tools that you shared will help a lot to understand me, and also why I'm procrastinating. I've realized I've built walls around myself even if I was working on myself in the past 10 years. Thank you!

I appreciate our talks a lot and that I can do things my way and I don't need to change based on your opinion. I can take a certain situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. It's good to see a different perspective. I feel better and appreciate your help! It's always good to talk with someone neutral, not being emotionally involved in the situation. I find it easier to talk with someone outside of the situation (not even a friend). I often felt relieved, peaceful and in a positive mood after our call. Talking about what a healthy relationship looks like gives me more clarity. I tried to discuss things with friends, however, with you, there's more clarity.


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